Humans of
Design Democracy

Pallika Sreewastav - Co-Founder

A COO of a software company, a qualified interior designer & a mother of three girls has kept Pallika on her toes & turned her into a multitasking pro. A yoga acharya by passion; she is creative with an aesthetic sensibility, an eye for detail and a love for decorating. She is brilliant at whatever she sets out to do and right now the show has her full attention!

Shailja Patwari - Co-Founder

A fashion designer who owned one of the first few multi-designer women’s wear store in Hyderabad and has worked in the fashion industry for over 20 years. Over the lockdown she spent a lot of time redecorating parts of her home & fell in love with the whole process of Interior Design. She enjoys being surrounded by all things beautiful and thus being a part of this show seemed very natural to her.

Arjun Rathi - Co-founder & Curator

A renowned architect and lighting designer and the founder of Arjun Rathi Design has showcased his works in the most prestigious Interior shows in India. Having always been a part of these shows as a designer, he now wants to experience it from the other side by giving Hyderabad it’s first interior show ever!