Manish Airee ~ Sr. V.P., ICA Pidilite

ICA is a range of exquisite Italian wood finishes that represents
the highest standards of quality and finesse
one has come to
expect from Italy: the land of great interior design, and the preferred
choice of Italy’s leading designers and designer décor brands.

Through its diverse offering of wood finishes, ICA allows architects
and interiors designers to express their artistic sensibility in way
that is uniquely theirs, enabling them to curate and express their
personal style and aesthetic. Simply put, ICA reflects their

The Joint Venture ICA Pidilite acts as a perfect blend of Italian
Lineage of Design and the Customer First approach, making it
possible for our customers to get Flawless Wood Finishes with us.
At ICA, we always strive to outperform ourselves as the “Luxury
Wood Finishes Expert”.